Let’s talk about the Dakota Pipeline.

It’s time to put an end to the destruction of this beautiful, wonderful, magical, magnificent, gorgeous Earth. Our Sun is bombing us with unfathomable amounts of energy every single day, and we now have the technology to harness all of it.

We, as a society, have both the technological abilities and the companies to build and sustain solar energy.  There is no waste.

Now if that energy runs out, I assure you there are bigger problems to worry about.  Well, you wouldn’t even be worrying actually because you would be dead.

We are a part of this planet.  Everything is connected.  Nature has been using the energy of the Sun endlessly.  Humans just happened to stumble upon enough intelligence to see that things could be transferred into an energy of their liking.  However, not quite intelligent enough to figure out that Nature always has the upper hand.

Look at companies like Tesla Motor Company.  Now that is a company of the future.  America is a land that was created for the prosperity of brilliant minds to dull out the greedy and ignorant.  Now is the time.  The Seventh Generation is here and is, and will keep, rising.  The Dakota Pipeline will not be finished. It cannot be finished.

So if you have a voice, raise it.  If you have an ear, listen to them.  If you have a hand, hold up a sign or put a pen to paper.  If you care about our you Mother Earth, then let her hear you cry, “We love you Mother Earth, we will not let them continue to destroy you!”



There is such a wonderful glow about nature.  It is just absolutely incredible.  The mountains, the noises, the howls, the majesty.  God is found in nature.  Are we going to let some big rigs take that away from us? Let them do whatever they please to us with their weapons.   We are pacifists and Earth lovers, but there is a power that comes with that of which they will never fathom.