When someone invokes their right to remain silent by actually remaining silent during police questioning, why can that later be used as incriminating evidence against them in a court of law?  If someone remains silent while questioned, then perhaps it is evidence of their guilt, but no one can really say. Silence can mean a lot of things, and guilt doesn’t have to be one of them.  Natural born rights should never be used against anybody, regardless of the circumstances.  We are more civilized now, let’s deal with facts.

Also, how is it that we have assasinated our own citizens with drone strikes?  Sure, they may have been a threat to national security,  but due process should mean due process every time, no?  I think yes.  Every United States citizen is supposed to get due process, especially in cases where the result is death by assasination.  Otherwise it is the equivalent of deciding your next door neighbor is smoking too much weed while drinking, and so you shoot him. “What?” you will say. “He broke the law, and I felt endangered.  Wasn’t it within my rights to shoot him?”

Lets also have transparency.  Real transparency though.  Why is it that high ranking government officials commit crimes and get away with it?  If it wasn’t for Wikileaks, almost nothing would have gone public, ever.  What is most interesting to me is that the man who started Wikileaks went to prison.  I think he still is in prison.  He may have violated national security, but I commend him because he made a huge sacrifice so that people could see reality.  If I were to make a description of a hero, he would be a pretty good characterization.

I think Wikileaks was a great thing, even if it threatens our national security.  Generations of soldiers have left their families to bleed and die on the battlefield in the defense of our constitutional rights. Shouldn’t we all be willing to bleed for those same rights?  There should be no violation of any constitutional right  allowed in our country, but it is happening everywhere.  That includes cruel and unusual punishment.  Wikileaks made government officials think twice about their actions.  Can we at least get this guy out of jail?  He is a patriot.

Another note about this beautiful country.  Why are we turning away scores of refugees when we should be the safe haven for all the troubled in the world?  We need an established vetting process.  Do we not believe in our own national creed: One nation under God?  Fear is born out of disbelief, not belief.  We should have major government funded, adequate institutions for refugees, and also an effective way to process them into our country once they have passed proper screening.  America has it all,  so we should be bending over backwards to help others.   Perhaps if our tax money was properly regulated(corruption) we could do these things.

Political officials need to be held more accountable for their actions, and resigning is not punishment for a crime.  The Watergate scandal was only icing on a wedding cake.  Our government is full of corruption.  The evidence is everywhere.  Those who refuse to acknowledge it are only in denial.

The truth is, our current system of government has become a place where corruption is a pre-requisite to a rise in power.  I am not saying that our government officials are bad people, I’m saying that they they want to make a difference in a system that requires immoral behaviour.

Everyone is so busy arguing about the little politics that they lose site of the bigger picture.  We need to get the money out of the political arena, and fast.  This is the one thing that is preventing any real effective change in all other areas of politics.

Here are some real changes I want to see our Government make in the future.  These things are what free people get.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be free?  I’m sure I’m not the only one:


  • Free Healthcare  (or at least reasonably priced)
  • Free Education
  • Lowering  of our gross economic inequality gap
  • Removing the ban on all narcotics
  • Taking corporate interests OUT of politics (completely)
  • Decreasing prison populations